Loans are financial products that can be granted by both banks and private equity companies . Liabilities incurred in banks are usually mortgage loans or cash loans. More often, however, people who need money “already” use popular online loans offered by Good Finance.

Non-bank loans usually involve small amounts. The loan period for such liabilities is short, usually it is several months. Companies that provide online loans without BIK and KRD do not pay much attention to the verification of borrowers. For this reason, there are no big restrictions for people who want to take out a loan online. Non-bank liabilities include payday loans, installment loans, non-bank mortgage loans, private loans and Good Credit loans.

What can loans be used for?

What can loans be used for?

Internet loans are usually not targeted . So they can be used for a voluntary purpose. Payday loans usually cover current expenses, bills, trips, minor repairs. On the other hand, loans for higher amounts can be used to buy a car, renovate a house or even as an own contribution when buying a flat.

Good Finance do not ask what the client needs money for. Installment bank loans are an exception, although this is not the rule. These are longer liabilities, even for 60 months, and they relate to amounts of several dozen thousand dollars.

Online loans – for whom?

Online loans - for whom?

Online loans are usually provided by Good Finance, which means minimum formalities . The main requirement is age, it is necessary to be 18 years old. The rest of the requirements depend on the company that provides the loan. Sometimes, you need to have Polish citizenship, an account in a Polish bank and have an email or phone number. And what documents should be prepared? One often talks about a loan as proof and that is the case. Most private limited companies only need to provide proof of identity. This is enough to get the money you need into your account in minutes.

However, this applies to small amounts. If the applicant wants to receive a larger amount, then it may be necessary to provide additional documents such as those required by banks. These check the creditworthiness and information contained in the BIK. Certificates confirming the type of work and the amount of income received are also often required. It is more difficult to get a cash loan from a bank, hence the popularity of products offered by Good Finance.

If the applicant applies for a small amount, it is usually a maximum of several thousand dollars, it is very likely that he will get it almost immediately . This is the case with payday loans. Good Finance even offer loans online for those in debt. They do not analyze BIK or KRD, and in the event of repayment problems they secure themselves in a different way.

Online loan costs

Online loan costs

The costs of online loans without verification are often higher than, for example, cash or mortgage loans. They are difficult to generalize, because they depend on the offer of a specific private capital company.

However, you should be aware of an administrative fee and insurance fee if your Good Finance applies them. Additional costs arise when the borrower wants to extend the loan repayment period or fails to pay its liabilities on time. You should also pay for prompts and recovery costs if the customer fails to comply with the contract.

Where to look for loans online?

Where to look for loans online?

It is worth reviewing the current loan ranking, where you can find offers available on the market. Thanks to such combinations, popular loans can be compared taking into account the possible range of the liability amount and the maximum repayment period.

You can also use loan comparison websites , where information about APRC or the total repayment amount will also be displayed. Loans can also be found directly on Good Finance websites and in stationary branches. Some equity companies allow you to take out a phone loan.

Loans for those in debt – are they secure?

Loans for those in debt - are they secure?

Online loans without BIK are safe if they are paid on time. Exceeding the repayment date generates additional liability costs. If the Good Finance grants loans without BIK, it is secured by high fees. There is a danger, however, that the client will fall into the debt loop with nothing to pay back the loans, so he will take more to settle his previous liabilities.

The Good Finance themselves, which grant loans to people with bailiffs, contribute to this. Then a better and often the only solution is consolidation of loans , which includes various types of liabilities, including payday loans. Combining several liabilities into one extends the loan period and reduces the installment, thanks to which the borrower’s home budget is relieved.

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