Best umbrella insurance companies of 2021

Society Price Coverage limit Policy types (#) Discounts available (y / n)
Mutual Freedom

Best overall
Contact for prices Over $ 35 million Several Yes

Ideal for high net worth families
Contact for prices $ 100 million Several personalized policies Yes
United States

Best for the military community
$ 20 + / month $ 5 million 1 Yes

Ideal for small business owners
Contact for prices $ 10 million 4 Yes

Ideal for bundled coverage
Contact for prices $ 1 million Not disclosed Yes

Ideal for avid travelers
Contact for prices $ 5 million Several personalized policies Yes

What is umbrella insurance?

Guide to choosing the best umbrella insurance company

Do you need umbrella insurance?

Before determining if you need umbrella insurance, you’ll want to assess your current situation, your insurance needs, and the coverage you already have in place. Consider umbrella insurance if you are a wealthy person, which can put you at risk for legal action. Additionally, if you are a small business owner looking for protection against possible monetary damages, or are worried about being sued, umbrella insurance may be a smart option for you.

Comparison of umbrella insurance companies

Before choosing umbrella insurance, you will want to check the provider and their reviews and ratings. Then compare them with other companies considering the following criteria:

  • Type of Coverage: Find out what type of coverage the company offers and what the coverage includes and excludes. Know exactly what you are getting before signing up for the policy.
  • Pricing: how much is the premium? How much is the deductible? What do you get for that price and how long does the policy last?
  • Discounts available: Discounts are generally available for bundling policies and may also be available for things like not making a claim within a certain time frame or owning a business in a certain industry or being a veteran .
  • Specializations: Learn about the specialty of the insurance company. It is always advisable to choose a company that specializes in the product you need. For example, the company may work with many high net worth individuals or specialize in small business policies.

Choosing an umbrella insurance provider that’s right for you

After you’ve selected the right umbrella insurance company for your needs, it’s time to get a quote, select the policy, and sign up. This can be done online or over the phone with an agent where you can ask questions about the different types of policies available. Payment is usually required and can be made in the form of a credit card. Find out if your policy is auto-renewing and when payments are due. You can usually manage your policy online or from an app on your smartphone or tablet if the provider offers one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an umbrella insurance policy?

An umbrella insurance policy provides additional liability coverage for a variety of other policies. It can be used to supplement home and auto insurance, as well as increase coverage for boat, rental property and vacant land policies.

As long as you have one or more of these underlying insurance policies with minimum coverage amounts, you may be eligible for umbrella insurance. You may even find that it is cheaper to invest in an umbrella policy than to increase the liability limits of several underlying policies.

How does an umbrella policy work?

An umbrella insurance policy exceeds the limits of other policies that depend on it, which means that the underlying policy will take the first position in the claim and then the umbrella policy will take effect when the underlying policy reaches its maximum. For example, if you have a pool party and one of your son’s friends slips, falls into the pool and suffers $ 500,000 in injuries, your home insurance will only pay up to its limits, which could be only $ 100,000. With an umbrella offering additional $ 1 million in coverage, you’ve got you covered.

The same general policy would go into effect if you were responsible for a car accident where the car struck a building causing $ 400,000 in structural damage. If auto insurance only has a limit of $ 250,000, Umbrella pays the additional $ 150,000 and all legal fees necessary to defend you.

What an umbrella policy does not cover

Unfortunately, an umbrella insurance policy doesn’t cover everything. It pays excess liabilities for bodily injury, bodily injury, property damage, owner’s liability and business-related losses. However, it will not protect you against losses related to your business, your personal effects, your oral or written contracts, or any intentional or criminal act.

Does home insurance cover civil action?

Some home insurance policies cover liability claims such as your dog biting an elderly lady, but only up to a certain limit. Many homeowners maintain liability coverage with a minimum value of $ 100,000. If your civil action costs you $ 400,000, an umbrella policy claim is made to cover the excess unpaid by the home policy. Ultimately, this can save you $ 300,000 or more in personal expenses.

How much does umbrella insurance cost?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, you may be able to lock in umbrella coverage worth $ 1 million for between $ 150 and $ 300 per year. You can expect to pay $ 75 for the next million and $ 50 for each million dollars in additional coverage afterwards.

If you have few complaints and don’t participate in high risk activities like jet skiing or mountain biking, it can be very affordable. Bundling your umbrella insurance with your auto and home policies can also mitigate the cost with discounts.


We’ve researched and reviewed over a dozen of the best insurers that offer umbrella insurance. We have chosen reputable companies with high overall ratings and reviews and years of experience in the insurance industry. We also took into account things like the amount of coverage offered, policy prices, the submission process, and the number and types of umbrella insurance policies offered.

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