Envestnet helps advisors optimize clients’ health insurance coverage: Technology Roundup


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  • Envestnet has entered into an exclusive partnership with the digital engagement platform Healthpilot.
  • Franklin Templeton Model Portfolios are now available on the GeoWealth platform.
  • Fidelity’s e-money advisor announced a new partnership with the Foundation for Financial Planning.

Envestnet has entered into an exclusive partnership with the digital engagement platform Healthpilot that simplifies the process of selecting and enrolling in the Medicare health insurance plan, the companies said in a joint announcement.

As part of the pact, announced Tuesday, companies “owe financial advisors a powerful new ability to enable their retired or near-retirement clients to optimize their health insurance coverage each year, by adding a new service for a group. key demographic for their practices, ”they said.

Healthpilot will be available free to advisors and their clients through integrations with Envestnet and Envestnet | MoneyGuide platforms.

The Healthpilot platform uses proprietary decision support algorithms to determine the best health insurance plan for each user, the companies said.

In addition to simplifying the process of Medicare plan selection, enrollment and management for clients, the integration of Investnet with Healthpilot “merges health insurance coverage and health expense estimates – a key area for close or retired customers – in hyper-personalized and holistic digital. experience enabled by Envestnet, ”the companies said.

Customers can enroll directly online for the Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, or Medicare Prescription Drug coverage option in under 15 minutes, the companies said.

Based on the client’s insurance plan selection, the estimated expenses and savings are automatically passed to the advisor for incorporation into a financial plan for the client.

Healthpilot will regularly monitor changes in customer health needs and changes to health plans by insurers and communicate updates to customers.

GeoWealth Adds Franklin Templeton Model Portfolios

Franklin Templeton Model Portfolios have been added to GeoWealth’s turnkey asset management program for advisors, the companies said Thursday.

GeoWealth’s open TAMP architecture supports model portfolios managed by advisors and third parties, helping RIAs achieve and maintain scale while providing personalized solutions for investors.

The multi-asset model portfolios are managed by Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions and “represent their best thinking in building model portfolios and selecting underlying funds,” the companies said in a joint announcement.

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