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PHOENIX (3TV / CBS 5) – Home COVID-19 testing is getting expensive and hard to come by, but it looks like a lot of people are turning to this testing method, and now there’s good news if you have it. You could be reimbursed for costs as early as next week.

“I hope the reimbursement will begin soon,” said National Patient Advocate Foundation senior director Caitlin Donovan.

Keep your receipts for these COVID-19 tests at home. President Joe Biden has announced that insurance companies will soon be required to reimburse you. More details are expected to be released next week or around January 15. Donovan explains how the process would work.

“Most likely you will need to keep your receipt and probably fill out a form that your insurance company will provide to you and send it electronically or by regular mail,” Donovan said.

The plan does not yet say how many tests a person could be reimbursed for or whether it will cover the full costs. “It’s possible that they could cap a certain amount and a certain time, but hopefully not,” Donovan said.

Omicron home COVID-19 tests

On Wednesday, the FDA said home antigen tests used to detect COVID may be less sensitive to detecting the omicron variant.

At this time, there is no specific date when the free at-home tests will be available. White House officials hope to have a website later this month. Donovan thinks the repayment is a good start, but not ideal.

“On the one hand, it forces you to have access to cash or credit up front, which not everyone does,” Donovan said. “It can take several weeks to be reimbursed by insurance.

Some people the Arizona family spoke to on Thursday who were getting tested said they were staying true to their roots. Others say they would take the opportunity to get their money back.

Do Home COVID-19 Tests Detect the Omicron Variant?

Home COVID-19 tests are able to detect the omicron variant, but U.S. health officials say early data suggests they may be less sensitive to detection.

“All three times I’ve been, I just came to this place (at the Phoenix College drive-through test site),” said Rebecca Davila.

“I’ve heard that they’re very rare and limited right now,” McKenna Streett said. “I think that would be great.”

In the meantime, you can still deduct the cost of the home tests as a deduction from your national taxes.

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