Top Tips for Finding More Affordable Auto Insurance Coverage

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Every driver knows how important it is to save money on auto insurance where they can. However, there is more to a good insurance plan than the price. Policyholders also want things like a straightforward claims process, good customer service, policy offers, and other important things. The premium is determined by a large number of variables, which the insurance company takes into account in an algorithm. Some of these variables include vehicle, location, environment, driving history, age, credit history, etc. With these variables, the insurance company will calculate an insurance score. The higher the score, the lower the premium paid by the policyholder.

To save money on auto insurance, drivers should consider the following:

  • Compare the prices. It is not a good idea to stick to checking insurance prices from one provider. To make sure that they are getting the best insurance price, drivers should shop around for different insurers. Insurance prices are constantly fluctuating, so a provider whose premium seemed too expensive might be more affordable the next time a driver looks. In addition, it is not recommended to obtain minimum coverage. If a driver with minimum coverage is at fault in an accident, then he will have to pay the majority of the costs out of his own pocket.

  • Review the policy when making big life changes. Getting married or adding a teenage driver to the police can have a huge impact on the police premium. For this reason, policyholders should shop around and get new quotes.
  • Consider getting roadside assistance coverage. This type of coverage will help pay for a tow truck, a new tire, or any other service that takes the car off the side of the road after being involved in an auto accident.
  • Increase the deductible. The deductible is the amount that the policyholder must pay out of pocket in the event of an incident before the insurance takes effect. Generally, the higher the deductible, the lower the premium.
  • Buy a cheap car to insure. The type of vehicle available to the insured can have a significant impact on the insurance premium. Before buying a new car, drivers should consider the overall cost of insurance. In doing so, they will have no surprises when they need to insure their new car.
  • Invest in additional security features. By improving the safety features of their vehicles, car owners can save money on their premiums.
  • Maintain a good credit rating. The credit score can have a significant impact on the amount the policyholder owes to the insurance company. A higher credit score means a lower insurance premium.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of consolidation. Most providers offer more than one type of insurance policy. Drivers can save money by bundling their auto insurance policies with other policies such as life insurance, home insurance, renters insurance and more from the same provider.
  • Get a multi-car discount. The average household owns more than one vehicle. By insuring more than one car from the same supplier, policyholders can save up to 20% or more on their monthly premiums.
  • Check the delivery of the correct grades. If a high school student doing well in school is covered by the policy, then the policyholder can claim a rebate for good grades. Usually, a good note discount can save up to 10% or more on auto insurance premiums.
  • Go green. Policyholders who choose to go paperless will receive policy documents and billing statements electronically rather than by mail. By doing so, they can get a paperless discount and save money on their premiums.

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