UNest and Avibra announce partnership to offer welfare and insurance benefits to parents


One is, an application that aims to allow parents to invest and save for the future of their children, and Avibra, a provider of personal wellness, risk and protection solutions, announced a partnership that offers families access to services such as a no-cost life insurance policy as well as a 15% discount. % on Avibra Dollar Benefits Store.

Fast-growing business partnership will give UNest clients access to $ 10,000 AD&D program Assurance policy, with the possibility of earning up to $ 5,000 more, “powered by Avibra”.

UNest families can also choose a la carte benefits “for $ 1 per week through Avibra’s dollar benefits store,” the ad noted while adding that these benefits include critical illness, medical insurance. against accidents and telemedicine.

Ksenia Yudina, CFA, Founder and CEO of One is, declared:

“Together with Avibra, we are addressing three key areas for families: finance, insurance and healthcare. As a leading app to help parents save for their children’s future, we have insight into other areas of interest to our customers. Along with pragmatic savings and investment tools, families need insurance coverage and access to health care. Avibra shares our customer-centric philosophy and our desire to create solutions that empower underserved communities.

Yogesh Shetty, Founder and CEO of Avibra, said:

“We are both mission-driven companies and the close alignment of our philosophy makes this collaboration a natural fit. Just like UNest, we believe everyone deserves access to quality healthcare and financial solutions. The Avibra team is focused on improving the lives of hard-working families. Through this partnership, we hope to inspire parents and their children to be proactive in preparing for each stage of life. “

Parents of the UNest platform can access Avibra through the UNest Rewards section of the app. The partnership between the two companies “democratizes access to new ways for families to put their finances and well-being on the right track and live their best lives,” the update notes.

UNest has built an extensive collection of rewards partners provided through a savings and investing app. UNest customers receive cash back “when they sign up and buy with over 100 national brands,” the update confirmed.

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