What types of drivers are considered high risk by auto insurance companies



Compare-autoinsurance.org has launched a new blog post that explains why auto insurance companies consider some drivers to be high risk.

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Drivers should avoid being classified as high risk by insurance companies. The premiums paid by high risk drivers can be very high, especially for those who need to purchase comprehensive coverage. Usually, the people most likely to cause accidents are considered to be at high risk.

High risk drivers are classified as such for the following reasons:

  • Drivers with major traffic violations. Drivers involved in at-fault crashes or caught driving while intoxicated are very likely to be considered high risk by insurers.
  • Drivers who have both tickets and accidents at fault. A single traffic violation is enough for a driver to be considered to be more at risk than a driver who has none. Some insurers offer special options that will forgive one or a few tickets and accidents. Drivers who file claims are more likely to be considered high risk. In some cases, insurance rates will increase even if a driver completes a no-fault accident claim. All of these nasty premium increases can be avoided by drivers if they buy an accident discount.
  • Drivers without prior insurance. Drivers who have just purchased their insurance are considered high risk. To get rid of this tag, new drivers must be insured continuously for at least six months.
  • Bad credit score. One of the most important factors used by insurers to determine driver’s insurance premiums is credit score. Drivers with a very bad credit score are considered high risk by insurers.
  • Teenage drivers. Statistics show that teenage drivers are more likely to be involved in car crashes. For this reason, insurance companies classify teenage drivers as high risk.

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